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Getting Started With BHO & Denefits
If you work as an employee and you received a business card with our information on it then you simply present that card to the office manager-billing -insuracne clerk at the time of your visit.
Many practices are not aware of Denefits yet so its not a bad idea to plan ahead.
Call your family care practice or all your related health providers and let them know you have Denefits  You simply let them know you will be using it to finance your out of pocket expenses and deductibles.

If you are an independent-self employed person at the bottom of this page is a form you can print out and take with you to your next visit.  You may also direct the health care professional to this website and let them go to the "health care provider page". It is strongly advisable to contact your health care providers ahead of time so they can create an account prior to your visit.

If you have no insurance but may need medical attention soon feel free to contact a local health care provider of your choice and ask if they use Denefits.  They can work with you on setting up an affordable monthly payment to fit your budget.  If they do not have access to FiscusCare please direct them to this website to the "Health Care Provider" page so they can create an account with us. 

If your insurance is under a spouse or other family member your out of pocket expenses are still covered 100%.  It is recommended that you contact your family care practice and let them know you will be using Denefits for your out of pocket expenses and deductible. You can direct them to this website and they can email or reach us by phone to get set up.

​Items not covered by insurance like hearing-wheelchairs-oxygen-glasses-eye surgery-laser surgery and more are all 100% financed by us with no turn downs and you can set up your monthly payment based on your own budget.

You set your monthly payment according to your own budget. You will be presented with options and you choose whats best for you. There are NO hideen fees!

No turn downs! You will need a way to make monthly payments which include a debit card, credit card, checking account, bank account.

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