Financial Relief for Everyone
Real Help For Your Employees
  • No cost to the employer
  • Information poster and ID cards for break room
  • Employee does not have to wait on health procedures-they can get instant help and care
  • 100% of "out-of-pocket" expenses are financed-approved
  • No credit is checked
  • No debt load is verified
  • Denefits works for any medical-health-surgery-equipment
  • Instant approval-no waiting
  • Employee sets the payment amount they can afford for payback
  • The health provider can get set up in 10 minutes
  • The only requirment is the employee must have a job-checking-debit-credit card  for payments
Denefits will work with any medical-health-surgery-vetinary procedure including but not limited to:
Chiropractic-Orthodonist-Family Health-Pediatrician-Oncology-Medical Equipment-Medical Supplies-Vetinary Surgery

Our purpose is to provide an avenue for your employee to get quality care without having to wait because they can't afford the deductible or out-of-pocket expenses!  We now offer that solution! 

We provide everything you need to help your employees get informed-bridge the gap with the health care provider-get the provider set up.

We need just 10 minutes to stop by and set up your break room-provide you with paycheck inserts-and greet your HR person.

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