Financial Relief for Everyone
Every Doctor-Health Professional can now offer you and your family financial relief on out of pocket medical, dental, and health related expenses.
The sign up process for the health care office is simple and takes 10 minutes. There is some training but its really easy.
For your family its 100% acceptance regardless of your credit.
You get to choose a monthly payment that fits your budget.  
Dental       Medical Surgery     Orthodontist     Oncology     Weight Loss      Hearing     Eye Care    Medical Supplies   Medical Equipment    Chiropractic
​Lots more 
  1. Personal Care
    Your account is 100% accepted with no credit turn down. Any out of pocket expenses are covered and we will finance for you in one low monthly payment you can afford.
  2. Family Members
    Bring your BHO card to any health care provider and ask them to see if they are set up. If they are not set up it only takes 10 min.
  3. Emergency Pet Care
    Even your furry family member can be helped. In case of emergency or existing health issues your pet can now get help with easy payments.
  1. Sharon Porter
    Sharon Porter
    Being on a fixed income is not easy as inflation keeps going up. I try and keep healthy but financing my out of pocket expenses and deductible helps me budget better my fixed income with my monthly expenses.